Maximizing Your Rain Shower Head Experience

Maximizing Your Rain Shower Head Experience

Compared to traditional shower nozzles that use a high-pressure shower head to drive water right to your body—sometimes hurting you along the way—rain shower heads don’t push water out, they let it fall. There is a very big difference between the two. For the ones who want their shower hard and strong, you might not get the satisfaction that you are looking for in a rain shower head. But, if you want to experience that old feeling of playing in the rain again, this new way to shower is for you.

Using certain rainfall showerhead in your bathroom is much more fun than how it looks. Aside from the usual compliments from your friends who get to see the beauty of the inside of your shower room, you will actually feel its benefits the moment you go under the steady stream of water pouring on your head and body, lightly and refreshingly.

There are a lot of choices on the market and you have endless options to choose from. You should also visit our top article here. Work with your imagination and picture what would look the best in your bathroom. One thing is for sure, the feeling of satisfaction and endless fun while playing in the rain can be within your reach whenever you want it.

Maximizing Your Rain Shower Head Experience

Work with your imagination

  • Focus towards the holes – A little attention must be given to these holes of your shower head, but this is a big factor affecting the quality of your water distribution. There are possible rain shower heads that are having a punched holes to be the water openings. If your water pressure is really low, then this could somehow make your water to clump up like water from the faucet thus, defeating its purpose on having such rain shower for you. The best for a rain shower heads will be those that are having an individual holes which can be precisely made to enable water to strongly come out, not just a drip over. For sure, this will make sure that the water will be delivered outward perfectly just like actual rain even if the jet of water pressure was low.


  • Aesthetics – whether we deny it or embrace it, aside from functionality, what we are also interested in is the overall look our shower head which can give an entire bathroom a pleasing look. There are just ceiling mounted rain shower heads, which are rectangular in shape, and were even having an irregular shape to give fun and or visually interesting and nicer look.


  • Correct Head Size – Size does matter. The smaller your rain shower head’s diameter, could be more and greater water pressure that you can get out from it. Then you can also start with your 6 inch heads, as well as work on your own way up to a large rain shower head measuring up to 12 inches with less pressure and more coverage. Will give you the true feeling of playing in the rain.


  • Correct Positioning – To maximize the effect of your rain shower head, you must position it directly above your head so that you can maximize the feeling that it could give you. Some shower heads are still attached. If your rain showerhead is mounted like this, then you might even want to consider buying for an extension arm for your rain shower head. If you are not satisfied with the information you should visit this link: here. Keeping your shower just above your head may give you an impression of the raindrops just directly falling towards your head.